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Legal Psilocybin Treatments in Portland, Oregon.

Our Mission

To facilitate profound healing experiences and personal transformation through the responsible and legal use of psilocybin therapy in a safe and secure environment.

Have Questions?

Check our FAQ for answers to common questions about safety, legality, price, timeframe, what to expect, and more!

Our Facilitators

Your journey begins by selecting a facilitator. Explore their specialties, rates, and availability.

Our pricing shows our dedication to making these life-changing experiences available to everyone.

Our Pricing

  • $500 includes room rental for the length of your Journey
  • Choose your facilitator and pay their fee (varies from $500-$1800)
  • Psilocybin is purchased separately for $5 per mg (cash only)

Our Services

  • Private facilitation rooms
  • Warm and welcoming indoor spaces
  • Best practices to establish optimal set and setting

*Pricing and offerings are preliminary and subject to change

10420 Northeast Wasco Street, Portland, OR, 97220

Our Location

Conveniently located in Portland, OR

  • 10 minutes from Portland Airport (PDX)
  • Ideal for the psychedelic tourist
  • Convenient for locals
  • Experience the magic of Psilocybin legally in the US

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